A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin oversees different segments of Splunk Enterprise regularly, including permit the board, indexers and search heads, design, checking, and getting information into Splunk. This affirmation shows a person’s capacity to help the everyday organization and strength of a Splunk Enterprise condition.

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SPLK-1003 Exam Question Answers:

Question No 1:

Which forwarder type can parse data prior to forwarding?

A. Universal forwarder
B. Heaviest forwarder
C. Hyper forwarder
D. Heavy forwarder

Answer: D

Question No 2:

What hardware attribute would need to be changed to increase the number of simultaneous searches (ad-hoc and scheduled) on a single search head?

A. Disk
C. Memory
D. Network interface cards

Answer: B

Question No 3:

Local user accounts created in Splunk store passwords in which file?

A. $ SFLUNK_KOME/etc/passwd
B. $ SFLUNK_KCME/etc/authentication
C. $ S?LUNK_HCME/etc/users/passwd.conf
D. $ SPLUNK HCME/etc/users/authentication.conf

Answer: A

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