Question No 1:

A manager wants a volume to have a guaranteed 300 MB/s of read performance. You explain that you cannot do this on FAS storage running ONTAP 9.3 backed by 10,000 RPM disks.

What is the reason for this response?

A. Throughput floor apply to only ISCSI access.
B. Throughput floors can only guarantee up to 125 MB/s.
C. Throughput floors required a license
D. Throughput floors required AFF.

Answer: D

Question No 2:

A customer can no longer connect to a data LIF upgrading from ONTAP 9.1 to ONTAP 9.2. A packet trace shows the data LIF is responding to the initial SYN with a SYN/ACK. This SNY/ACK never makes it to the client.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A. ONTAP 9.2 does not have IP FastPath.
B. ONTAP 9.2 does not have Large Receive Offload.
C. ONTAP 9.2 does nothave LACP.
D. ONTAP 9.2 does not have TCP segmentation Offload.

Answer: A

Question No 3:

Which two statements are true about epsilon in a 4-node cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Epsilon is used as a tie-breaker for determining a quorum.
B. Epsilon is authentically assigned to the first node when a cluster is created.
C. Epsilon is used for determining the up node in failover.
D. Epsilon is automatically assigned to the last node added to a cluster.

Answer: A B

Question No 4:

You are adding additional node to a single-node cluster.
Which two actions be performed after this upgrade? (Choose two.)

A. Verify that HA is enabled.
B. Verify that epsilon is not assigned.
C. Verify that epsilon is assigned
D. Verify that HA is disabled

Answer: A C

Question No 5:

A customer has a company –wide power outage scheduled and needs to gracefully power off a 2-node cluster. In this scenario, which two steps should be performed? (Choose two.)

A. Use the halt –node –skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true –inhibit-takeover true command.
B. Invoke and AutoSupport message to indicate aplanned maintenance time.
C. Use OnCommand system Manager to half the controllers.
D. Use the half –node * command

Answer: A B

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