Conveyance of Google RCS Chat to all Android customers in the US starts today.

Google reports that today, after eighteen months, in light of the fact that RCS talks as a stage to illuminate Android’s center substance, this RCS visit is transforming into Android’s messaging establishment. It depends on the way that it is growing the accessibility of any Android customer in the United States that it needs to execute.

RCS signifies “rich correspondence benefits” and is the successor of SMS. Like other content that informs the organization, it additionally reinforces understanding receipts, hitting markers, better bunch moves and high-mark photographs. Not in any way the same number of applications know about the substance, for instance, iMessage or Signal, beginning encryption isn’t a choice. The RCS relies upon your phone number. Thus, when you send a text to somebody who moreover asserts it, you ought to normally turn on your discussion.

To get the RCS, you fundamentally need to utilize Android messages as the default application to inform on your Android phone. Up to this point, numerous Android phones do this normally, anyway Samsung customers ought to go to the Google Play Store to download it, and it should be changed later.

Google changes the RCS marginally, as it regularly does with new highlights. When you’ve gotten the Android messages, you should see an option in contrast to evolving the “Empower visit highlights”. Google has declared that this determination will be turned out “in the coming weeks” and that the full send-off will be finished before the year is sent.

IPhones don’t bolster the RCS, and in the previous year, Apple has declined to state whether it will do as such on a few events.

Up to this point, the SCR was an auxiliary association that shipped customers straightforwardly to their customers. With these letters, it takes a lot of planning to figure out how Google offers RCS discussions with all Android customers. It has gotten progressively confused on the significant grounds that four significant US transporters have as of late detailed that they will exhibit the RCS by 2020.

On a basic level, you don’t have to know precisely how this functions, since when heads start offering diverse RCS visit styles, the Android customer is for all time changed in your organization. Will Alternatively, they may have the choice of proceeding to utilize Google’s servers.

Be that as it may, as it might be, it can stifle. In a most disappointing situation, content that contentions with the solicitations made by Transporter and Google’s very own Google messages is reliably reasonable:

In a circumstance where Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint don’t improve execution contrasted with the first, by offering better applications and strong organization, the Android customer will be seen with wonder. With regards to this, what Google has really accomplished with its mindful plotters will persuade Americans that the most ideal approach to deal with the email issue on Android is to purchase an iPhone.

A visit to the RCS is a little method for alluding to the unique standard acknowledged by heads, called the “more extensive profile.” if you are utilizing WhatsApp or iMessage, just a single association manages coordinating the message and has a database of customers. Much the same as SMS, RCS is a “brought together” structure in which barely any associations screen servers that speak with one another.

At the point when you empower the RCS, your phone will have the choice to express that it can send and get RCS messages, and that the RCS servers offer help to run it. These RCS servers utilize existing programming instead of SMS mess, which fundamentally implies that before nine months’ over, the qualifications of a seniors sending Valentine’s message will be less inclined to be hacked.

Today, Google Messages with Android Messages enables applications to utilize their very own servers to approve RCS visits, and as opposed to the conviction that telecom directors will change without any other individual. Honestly, for some time, Reddit customers have made sense of how to design Android messages to utilize the test server arranged by Google for RCS. (Google has uncovered to me that the customers who set it up will be moved to the official system.)

In particular, guiding of RCS messages is more criminal than other warning applications, yet it offers the advantages of direct RCS for Google directors, rather than holding on. Could reset things. That is the thing that he did in the UK and France in June, and now it’s in the US.

This is a move that Google ought to have done a great deal sooner, considering the way that transporters have been backing off and they have squashed the tracks at RCS for over a year. It’s been only a month since US transporters acknowledged it before 2020 notwithstanding not being offered an organization. Google as of now enables this to occur.

US Responsibilities has built up a joint exertion called CCMI (Inter Operator Messaging Initiative), which intends to send another substance mindful ask for and offer RCS benefits in 2020. Ensures interoperability with Google CCMI Framework. It would then be able to move the customer beginning starting with one RCS server then onto the next.

Furthermore, there is the issue of the Samsung phone, which legitimately utilizes their own substance mindful application. This is the thing that makes RCS Talk significant, regardless of whether the administration offers your picker and if your transporter has executed it for your Samsung phone type. (Truth be told, in any event, for this circumstance, it won’t fortify the profile on the loose.)

The executives is essential: change to Android messages just, yet the issue is that most customers default to adherence. Since Samsung sells more phone numbers in the US than some other Android makers, it is critical to have a default course of action. Most other Android creators have quit making their own data mindful substance and are at present utilizing Google.

That Android customers have a choice on the informing application they use is a progressing examination. I think the response to this request is that Google and CCIC are as yet counseling on this. Google was not astonished by CCMI’s declaration and the manner by which the two associations are imparting. CCIC has not yet responded to the information demand.

This speaks to an issue for in about a year. This year, Google is at last doing what it ought to have done regardless: showing a clear and far reaching way to deal with the Android customer to welcome the most elevated level of substance answered to one another.

In a perfect world this default arrangement will offer to take out encryption eventually. There is no particular inspiration to do as such, and Google has recently indicated that it works there.

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Question No 1:

Jorge is developing an e-commerce solution for his company, which sells subscription services. Customers need to be billed on a recurring basis for their subscriptions. Which payment method would Jorge find most appropriate for this situation?

A. Bank account debit
B. Cash on delivery (c.o.d.)
C. Purchase order and post-purchase billing
D. Advance payment using check or money order

Answer: A

Question No 2:

Most e-commerce servers use a to connect to a relational database.

A. definition script
B. connection string
C. secure set identifier
D. Document Type Definition (DTD)

Answer: B

Question No 3:

What is the single most important result of any marketing strategy?

A. Number of products sold
B. Dollars generated in sales
C. Return On Investment (ROI)
D. Cost of the marketing campaign

Answer: C

Question No 4:

Maggie is developing a site that allows purchases to be made online. What technology should she use to enable security measures on this site?


Answer: A

Questions No 5:

A large company with an adequate staff and funding wants to implement an e-commerce storefront. Which of the following methods would be most suitable for this company?

A. Online solution
B. Offline solution
C. Instant storefront
D. In-house solution

Answer: D

Question No 6:

Which of the following marketing models is characterized by a complementary venture between two or more companies that join together in production, distribution or marketing in order to achieve individual goals?

A. B2C market
B. Open market
C. Vertical market
D. Horizontal market

Answer: D

Question No 7:

Which of the following statements about Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is correct?

A. SET was designed to replace SSL.
B. Four protocols were merged to form SET.
C. The SET protocol has gained wide market acceptance.
D. With SET, the merchant does not know the user account number.

Answer: D

Question No 8:

Suppose you were using statistical software to evaluate the performance of various HTTP server packages. What would be the most efficient way to compare performance data accurately?

A. Request that vendors provide their benchmark results of running a standard monitoring application.
B. Use a remote computer to capture statistical information on each server operating under a simulated load.
C. Install resource-monitoring software on each server independently and vary the actual load conditions on each server.
D. Gather real-time performance data on each server by running several system-monitoring applications on the server at one time.

Answer: B

Question No 9:

Which of the following is a messaging protocol designed to ensure the integrity of data sent between incompatible computers?

A. Electronic Data Interface
B. Electronic Data Interchange
C. Electronic Description Interface
D. Electronic Download Instruction

Answer: B

Question No 10:

A hash encryption function:

A. is relatively easy to encrypt but difficult to decrypt.
B. contains a secret key that is used to encrypt and decrypt.
C. is not used because today’s computers can easily hack it.
D. is encrypted with a public key and decrypted with a private key.

Answer: A

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312-38 Exam Questions Answers Braindumps

Agent liable of tax evasion prepared to pay

A 53-year-old Chinese businessperson saw as blameworthy on charges of acquiring property by trickiness is prepared to pay.

Aidong Zhang has made course of action for $840,000 to be paid anyway was told to mastermind another $160,000.

The Suva High Court expressed that the sum when consolidated will be one million dollars which is payable to the complainant.

The Judge said that compensation is a piece of the equity he needs to give to the complainant.

The protection has looked for one weeks’ an ideal opportunity to make fundamental courses of action.

The court heard that between June 2014 and January 2016, Zhang misleadingly acquired property and occupied with tax evasion adding up to over $1.2 million.

He beguiled his colleague on the affection that a property was being sold at $5.5 million rather than its genuine cost of $3.3 million.

The blamed has been additionally remanded with the case to be reviewed this Friday.

SPLK-1003 Exam Sample Questions Answers

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin oversees different segments of Splunk Enterprise regularly, including permit the board, indexers and search heads, design, checking, and getting information into Splunk. This affirmation shows a person’s capacity to help the everyday organization and strength of a Splunk Enterprise condition.

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SPLK-1003 Exam Question Answers:

Question No 1:

Which forwarder type can parse data prior to forwarding?

A. Universal forwarder
B. Heaviest forwarder
C. Hyper forwarder
D. Heavy forwarder

Answer: D

Question No 2:

What hardware attribute would need to be changed to increase the number of simultaneous searches (ad-hoc and scheduled) on a single search head?

A. Disk
C. Memory
D. Network interface cards

Answer: B

Question No 3:

Local user accounts created in Splunk store passwords in which file?

A. $ SFLUNK_KOME/etc/passwd
B. $ SFLUNK_KCME/etc/authentication
C. $ S?LUNK_HCME/etc/users/passwd.conf
D. $ SPLUNK HCME/etc/users/authentication.conf

Answer: A

1z0-340 Exam Sample Question Answers

The Oracle Cloud Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2019 Implementation Essentials test is intended for advertising experts who need to exhibit skill executing showcasing computerization arrangements. This affirmation covers themes, for example, the course of events and expectations for a fruitful execution, essentials of the Eloqua stage, the stage engineering and information model of Eloqua, errands incorporated into starting, advanced, email, and structure arrangement, the highlights that help information the board, the setups required for CRM coordination, the highlights that help robotization, and extra Eloqua Services. This affirmation approves comprehension of a fruitful execution of the Eloqua stage. Cutting-edge preparing and a half year to 1 year of hands-on experience supporting or driving Eloqua executions in a head job, or proportional practice is suggested. This confirmation is accessible to all competitors.

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1z0-340 Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Which is considered a transactional email?

A. an offer from a partner
B. an announcement from the CEO
C. an exclusive upgrade for existing customers
D. an update to your customer privacy policy

Answer: D

Question No 2:

When creating an email using Email Editor, which two items are required? (Choose two.)

A. Preview Text
B. Subject Line
C. Email Tracking
D. Email Group
E. Personalized From Line

Answer: A B

1z0-1055 Exam Questions Dumps

Question No 3:

You want to access Profiler using your company’s login credentials.
Which URL would you choose?

A. Direct
B. XMLogin
E. Autologin

Answer: C

1z0-320 Braindumps

A judge is getting tired of the sniping in the Oracle wage and hiring bias case filed by the Labor Department: ‘Stop the invective communication’

“I have referenced this previously — stop with the condemnation and disagreeable email interchanges, jump on the telephone or meet face to face, and get these issues settled,” Richard Clark, an authoritative law judge in San Francisco, said in a June 26 request.

Clark’s structure was regarding a work division objection that said ladies and minority specialists at Oracle missed out on at any rate $401 million in wages from 2013 to 2016 in what the office depicted as foundational separation that aso prompted the procuring of couple of African-Americans and Hispanic laborers. Prophet has denied the charges.

The main hearing on the suit, which was recorded in 2017, is planned to start in December.

Warmed one good turn deserves another

Clark’s structure depended on a warmed blow for blow between the two gatherings which started in May when, during the time spent structure its case, the work office, through its Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, sent a letter to some Oracle representatives inquiring as to whether they would share their encounters identified with the case.

“This claim asserts Oracle unlawfully victimized its representatives by stifling the compensation of its female, Black, and Asian workers,” the letter which was refered to in Clark’s organization said. “In light of our examination of Oracle’s compensation information, we have verified that these representatives have been come up short on as much as 20% in respect to their friends. We gauge that this segregation cost these representatives at any rate $600,000,000 in lost wages from 2013 to the present.”

The letter said the office was hoping to talk workers “who were influenced by this separation.”

“We need to hear what befell you,” the letter said. Among the representatives the office was explicitly keen on contacting “dark and Asian workers utilized in item advancement, especially if Oracle utilized your earlier pay to set your beginning compensation, put you in lower paying positions than your friends or diverted you into lower paying positions all through your vocation.”

Prophet impacts ‘deluding explanations’

The work division’s letter set off a trade the two gatherings. Prophet blamed the work division for owning “deluding proclamations” in connecting with its representatives and of utilizing “pretentious talk” in its correspondences, as indicated by Clark’s structure. The work office terminated back by blaming Oracle’s lawyers for “disregarding moral standards” and threatening observers.

Clark said the issue could be tended to in face to face gatherings or by telephone, however he seems to have become baffled with what he depicted as “gamesmanship” by the two gatherings.

He requested Oracle and the work office to hold a “meet and give process, which ought to be face to face or voice correspondence and not email” to determine the issue of how they should speak with potential observers for the situation.

“An unprecedented measure of assets have been filled this case,” the judge composed, focusing on the need to determine a case which has been delaying for a long time.

“The time has come to push ahead to a goals,” he composed. “In the event that Oracle is victimizing its representatives, it needs to end, and the sooner the better. On the off chance that Oracle isn’t victimizing its representatives, this case needs to end so the gatherings can proceed onward.” A judge is becoming weary of the killing in the Oracle compensation and enlisting inclination case recorded by the Labor Department: ‘Stop the denunciation correspondence’

Larry Ellison: Oracle Is ‘Centered Around Our Star Products’

At the point when Oracle declared its monetary year budgetary outcomes on June 19, Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison clarified that the organization has quickly developing items and quick contracting items—and that is okay by him.

“We’re centered around our star items, and our star items are currently driving our top line higher,” Ellison said.

The absolute greatest stars are Oracle’s Autonomous Database, its Fusion ERP and human capital administration cloud applications, and its NetSuite cloud application suite. Contracting organizations incorporate some on-premise equipment items.

“You have these extremely current organizations… becoming in all respects quickly, taking offer, clear #1s in the general commercial center,” Ellison said. “Also, you have these different organizations that are softening without end, and we simply couldn’t care less.”

Cloud Apps and Autonomous Database

For instance, for its 2019 financial year finished May 31, Oracle’s Fusion ERP and HCM cloud applications incomes became 32%, and its NetSuite income became 32%.

Independent Database, propelled a year ago, is Oracle’s most up to date star item. Prophet officials indicated a few pointers of organizations’ enthusiasm for that cloud database administration, which deals with so much undertakings as scrambling the information and overhauling, tuning, backing up, and fixing itself without human contribution, along these lines bringing down expenses and lessening mistakes.

Ellison said Oracle included in excess of 5,000 Autonomous Database preliminaries in Q4. Also, it saw extremely fast development in Q4 for the key database choices expected to run Autonomous Database, which keeps running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It can back up or fix itself while it keeps on running, with no requirement for booked personal time or human intercession. “No other cloud foundation gives anything near these self-ruling highlights,” Ellison said.

Ellison additionally portrayed how, in its server farms, Oracle can take a gander at the degree to which clients are utilizing its cloud administrations, and those use examples help the organization check the accomplishment of an item dispatch, for example, Autonomous Database. That is vastly different from the customary methodology of depending altogether on deals estimates from the field.

Ellison said he’s energized by what he’s seeing. “The things that I discover interesting are the utilization information bends which demonstrate our utilization rate developing a lot quicker than the field is right now envisioning,” he said. “To me, that is simply brilliantly promising, and ideally, this is the start of a pattern. We’ll discover soon.”

Budgetary Results

Prophet posted all out income for the monetary year of $39.5 billion, marginally higher in US dollars and up 3% in steady cash contrasted and the earlier financial year.

For its final quarter, Oracle detailed income of $11.1 billion, up 1% in USD and up 4% in consistent money contrasted and the year-prior quarter. Total compensation in the quarter rose 14%, to $3.7 billion.

In the final quarter, Oracle’s cloud permit and on-premises permit income became 12% in USD and 15% in steady money, with the innovation fragment that incorporates database licenses appearing solid development. Prophet’s BYOL (Bring Your Own License) program gives organizations a chance to purchase programming licenses that they can use on premises, in the cloud, or in a half and half condition.

“As our clients embrace our advancements, regardless of whether by means of licenses or cloud benefits, our general client base is developing and that development is beginning to quicken,” CEO Safra Catz said.

In concentrating on Oracle’s applications business, CEO Mark Hurd noticed that the organization is having especially solid achievement in light of the fact that, with both Fusion and NetSuite, it can offer cloud-based back-office applications as a solitary suite. That is significant in light of the fact that organizations need procedures, for example, financials and HR to function admirably together, Hurd said. Furthermore, for NetSuite specifically, he noticed that the chance to develop globally is solid since it has recently begun to extend its non-US deals power and advertising endeavors.

While Oracle posted solid development in Fusion and NetSuite incomes, “I won’t let you know everything is flawless, which is great news,” Hurd said. “With these numbers, we can improve, and I believe we’re simply getting our walk.”

1z0-952 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Oracle Data Management Platform Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials 1z0-952 Exam. The exam has Multiple Choice Questions format exam. You need to clear all the exam to earn this certification.

Exam Details:

  • Exam Code: 1z0-952
  • Exam Fee: $107
  • Passing Score: 67%
  • Duration: 120 Minutes

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Question No 1:

Your client has an account with Oracle – Maxymiser and they want you to configure the app for this platform within the Oracle DMP and ensure that their pricing model allows them to purchase data on a cost per impression basis. What campaign solution and pricing model must you select?

A. Dynamic creative optimization | flat fee
B. Email | auction
C. Social | real-time-bidding
D. Search | % of spend
E. Site optimization | flat fee
F. Media targeting | cost-per-stamp

Answer: A

Question No 2:

You want to generate a container to deploy on your mobile website. Identify the two correct ways of configuring the tag from the “Generate Code* dialogue box.

A. Select “Suppress multiple tagging” advanced configuration option.
B. Click the “Mobile” configuration template.
C. Select “Allow multiple tagging” and “Use multiple IFrames” advanced configuration options.
D. Select “Suppress cache busting” advanced configuration option.
Braindumps Questions Oracle – 1z0-952
E. Select the “Disable mobile support” advanced configuration option.

Answer: C D

Question No 3:

There are several ways of sending data out of the DMP. Identify two data transfer mechanisms from the following that require the use of a regex pixe

A. JSON return tag
B. Paste a pixel campaign delivery.
C. User Data API
D. Real-time server data transfer
E. Batch server data transfer

Answer: A C

NS0-192 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Question No 1:

A manager wants a volume to have a guaranteed 300 MB/s of read performance. You explain that you cannot do this on FAS storage running ONTAP 9.3 backed by 10,000 RPM disks.

What is the reason for this response?

A. Throughput floor apply to only ISCSI access.
B. Throughput floors can only guarantee up to 125 MB/s.
C. Throughput floors required a license
D. Throughput floors required AFF.

Answer: D

Question No 2:

A customer can no longer connect to a data LIF upgrading from ONTAP 9.1 to ONTAP 9.2. A packet trace shows the data LIF is responding to the initial SYN with a SYN/ACK. This SNY/ACK never makes it to the client.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A. ONTAP 9.2 does not have IP FastPath.
B. ONTAP 9.2 does not have Large Receive Offload.
C. ONTAP 9.2 does nothave LACP.
D. ONTAP 9.2 does not have TCP segmentation Offload.

Answer: A

Question No 3:

Which two statements are true about epsilon in a 4-node cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Epsilon is used as a tie-breaker for determining a quorum.
B. Epsilon is authentically assigned to the first node when a cluster is created.
C. Epsilon is used for determining the up node in failover.
D. Epsilon is automatically assigned to the last node added to a cluster.

Answer: A B

Question No 4:

You are adding additional node to a single-node cluster.
Which two actions be performed after this upgrade? (Choose two.)

A. Verify that HA is enabled.
B. Verify that epsilon is not assigned.
C. Verify that epsilon is assigned
D. Verify that HA is disabled

Answer: A C

Question No 5:

A customer has a company –wide power outage scheduled and needs to gracefully power off a 2-node cluster. In this scenario, which two steps should be performed? (Choose two.)

A. Use the halt –node –skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true –inhibit-takeover true command.
B. Invoke and AutoSupport message to indicate aplanned maintenance time.
C. Use OnCommand system Manager to half the controllers.
D. Use the half –node * command

Answer: A B

2V0-602PSE Exam Sample Questions Answers

Question No 1:

Which three options are required to use vSphere DRS features successfully? (Choose three.)

A. Shared Storage
B. Processor Compatibility
C. Datastore Cluster
D. Shared VMFS Volume
E. Resource Pools

Answer: A B D

Question No 2:

An administrator has just completed performing an interactive installation of ESXi 6.x and is booting the host. How is the network initially configured?

A. The network is configured by Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA).
B. The network is configured based on the settings detected in DNS.
C. The network is configured with the address as specified in the installer.
D. The network is automatically configured by DHCP.

Answer: D

Question No 3:

What are three valid disk configurations for the vSphere Data Protection 6.x Appliance? (Choose three.)

A. 500GB
B. 1TB
C. 1.5TB
D. 2TB
E. 4TB

Answer: A B D

Question No 4:

A vSphere Administrator has been tasked with configuring Jumbo Frames and the current environment is based on vSphere Standard Switch.
Which three steps are required? (Choose three.)

A. Verify the physical switches in the environment have been properly configured.
B. Configure the Switch MTU.
C. Configure the Port Group MTU.
D. Migrate to a Distributed vSwitch.
E. Configure the Distributed vSwitch MTU.

Answer: A B C

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